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Our Beeswax Café LightsTM are the size of a Votive with the convenience of a Tea Light, and each one burns for 15 hours.  They're attractive on their own or in your favorite large votive container. Please note our Café LightsTM are 1 3/4" in diameter, 1 1/2" high, and will not fit in all votive holders. 

Burn time: Aprox. 15 hours.

Packaged in Bags of Two, Six, and Bags of 12 Cafe Lights

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Customer Reviews

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Patricia Campbell

I have ordered these cafe lights for many years. This order,Inv.#SB215945,. The cups were very messy on the outside….a lot of wax residue on the outside of clear cups. So when it burns down looks funky/.dirty. I tried cleaning, to much work…but quality control needs to up its game. Will rethink if I will order again..

We understand that you were not satisfied with the batch of Cafe candles you received from us, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products; and are deeply disappointed to have fallen short of your expectations. Please be assured that we have taken measures to prevent this from happening again, and we remain fully committed to maintaining our high standards. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Love them!

Cafe Lights

Beeswax candles are wonderful! They produces a clean burning, very very light lovely honey scent. There is no added fragrance in the candle. The mild scent comes from the natural pure beeswax. My order arrived neatly & securely packaged. The cotton wick is centered and burned clean down to the end. I have been ordering these candles for many years. As a Christian in observance of Passover and the High Holy Days, I ONLY use Beeswax Candles because I trust they burn evenly and clean.

Lohrie Macdonald
Cafe lights

I was unhappy with many of the candles as wick was not centered and candle is wasted because it is not burning evenly

Ann McCrummen
Perfect candles

Your candles are beautiful to look at. They smell wonderful and burn perfectly. Plus they are wonderful for the environment. Perfect