1lb bag of 100% Beeswax Pearls

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Experience a new level of creativity with our American beeswax pearls! Our 100% beeswax pearls are handcrafted with only the best natural ingredients and offer a sweet honey scent. For ease of use, the pearls are conveniently shaped and sized to fit any of your DIY project needs. Try them today and let the natural properties of beeswax bring a special touch to your projects!

  • 100% Pure American Beeswax
  • Natural Honey Scent
  • Convenient for handling 
  • Great for DIY Projects

Customer Reviews

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I've been searching for a long time to find a seller of USA Beeswax, but every time I order, I end up with something that smells like fuel or plastic. I don't know what it is, but it's definitely NOT USA beeswax. However, with Beelite Inc., I noticed right away that it has an amazing honey scent and smells like real beeswax should. Thank you, guys, for providing such great quality beeswax. Keep up the good work.

Karen Goebel

1lb bag of 100% Beeswax Pearls

Martha Williams
Excellent quality; just what I needed

I’m a fine art painter who often works in encaustic. I like to make my own painting medium and paint. It’s great to find a source of high-quality American beeswax pellets in the pale ivory color I need.

Candles competition

I have ordered twice now and once from another co
The use of plastic to hold the tea lights is a no for me
I do not want to support pollution and plastic needs to be banned. Period.
Other co have beautiful offerings and no plastic

If you would like to order the tealights without the cups, and have a safe way to burn them without the cups. I would be happy to sell them without the cups, please just add a note to your order and we will leave the cups out. We have a few other customers that order this way.
The Beeswax Candle Co