Beeswax Votives

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Hand-poured in small batches, our Votives are made with pure beeswax sourced from American Beekeepers. We've carefully chosen a natural plant fiber wick dipped in beeswax that produces a brilliant, long burning flame, and consumes every bit of beeswax if burned in a straight-sided glass container.

Our Box of Six is tied with an organza ribbon and makes the perfect host/hostess gift.

Choose either Natural, a rich butterscotch color; or Ivory which has been filtered many more times to achieve a lighter color.  We never bleach our beeswax.

Dimensions: 2" tall, 1 3/8" diameter at the base, 1 3/4" diameter at the top. Burn time is approximately 15 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Lynn A.
Love these candles

I feel great knowing I’m not inhaling chemicals, carcinogens from candles not made w pure beeswax. Clean burning, long lasting - these candles are the best,

Deborah Parkins

Beeswax Votives

polly thomas
The best candles

These are the very best candle you will find. They are beautiful and very long lasting. First you have to smell them because they smell so good that’s when you will first enjoy them. I get every kind. Tea lights, votives and the pillars. I actually use them for light right now in my cabin as we are building our house and don’t have much electricity. These candles make a cool fall night perfect. Can’t recommend them enough. ❤️

nancy stretch

Love the size, smell, long lasting wax, and color. Not so easy to get out of the container (I actually broke one of my glass babies, sob)

Cathrine Clark

I have enjoyed using this product for many years and love the scent and how long they last. Thank you!