Beeswax Votives

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Hand-poured in small batches, our Votives are made with pure beeswax sourced from American Beekeepers. We've carefully chosen a natural plant fiber wick dipped in beeswax that produces a brilliant, long burning flame, and consumes every bit of beeswax if burned in a straight-sided glass container.

Our Box of Six votives is tied with an organza ribbon and makes the perfect host/hostess gift.

Choose either Natural, a rich butterscotch color; or Ivory which has been filtered many more times to achieve a lighter color.  We never bleach our beeswax.

Dimensions: 2" tall, 1 3/8" diameter at the base, 1 3/4" diameter at the top. Burn time is approximately 15 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Anna Kaiser-Swadling
Beeswax Votives

On opening the beautiful package a wonderful fragrance of beeswax enveloped me.
These votives have been a favourite of mine for some years now—being "The Princess and the Pea" that says a lot.
Customer service is also great.

Wonderful little gifts

The Beeswax Candle Company provides beautiful products with that wonderful faint honey scent from the comb. The votive candles make delightful little gifts with a special touch for any and every holiday - maybe excepting the 4th of July, when a bigger punch of lights is called for!

Stalban Slodge
Beeswax votives

I like the beeswax votives because they are made of beeswax, and they are just the right size.

Edwin Calloway
Excellent candles

I recently ordered some beeswax votive candles in the white color. They burn very cleanly with pure, vibrant light. I would highly recommend them and believe they are worth a bit higher price than other votive candles you will find.

Pamela Martin Ovens
Excellent company

Always care about the customers. You provide great information about your wax, too. I loved the pretty brochure. And, you were very kind to my son who lives in NYC. Douglas loves you too.